Pandora not working on Pioneer Receivers

If you have a Pioneer home theater receiver with built in support for Pandora and your receiver has been showing a “sever error” message when trying to stream music, you’re not alone.  Apparently there was a change in the Pandora API (meaning Pandora changed some of the programming code used to connect to their service by third parties).  This change broke A LOT of Pioneer receivers.  There is a thread on AVS forums here and the outcome is not good.  It looks like Pioneer is aware of the problem and from what many people are saying, Pioneer is simply ignoring the issue for anything older than a year.

If you are experiencing this issue and you don’t like buying a new Pioneer receiver every year, then I encourge you to contact Pioneer support.  Send them a tweet or email them here:   Let them know that abandoning customers is not a great way to get repeat business.

An Open Letter to Winnebago

UPDATE – this story has a happy ending.  Read about it here.
Dear Winnebago,

16.  That’s how many repair issues I’ve had with my 2016 Winnebago Spyder 24FQ.  There have been so many problems that I’ve lost count along the way.  I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here.  In reality, the number is probably higher.
I grew up in RVs.  Winnebago is a name that I’ve seen practically my entire life (I’m 43).  They have weathered storms in times of economic difficulty and have survived.  Companies that don’t product reputable, quality products usually won’t last.  Especially when times get tough.  In light of this, I’ve always know Winnebago to be quality.
My family looked at quite a few different brands and manufacturers before deciding on yours. I’ve owned other brands but this is our first Winnebago.  The level of furnishings and the appearance of better quality in things like the furniture, fixtures, and the amenities were all appealing factors with the Spyder.
Unfortunately, appearances can be deceiving.  I’m somewhat at a loss when trying to comprehend how this many things can go wrong with an RV that’s less than one year old.  We’re all human and mistakes happen, but this isn’t an “oops I forgot a screw on that one,” type of issue, and it appears to be a pattern defined by a series of choices and either lack of oversight or indifference.
To give an idea of the kinds of things we’re talking about and the level of quality control I’m seeing, I’ve included a few pictures.  In addition, I’ve encountered the following: air conditioning (control board), failure of 8 overhead LED light fixtures, Rear door screen track breaking (twice), cabinetry around the microwave falling apart, no sewer hose storage, screws backing out of exterior panels, stabilizer jacks breaking, and failures in the tankless hot water system that seem to be related to poor design with relation to required pressure and water flow.

I want to understand how this many things can happen so soon.  As I previously mentioned, I’m not new to RVs and I do understand that certain sacrifices are made to keep things lighter and easier to transport.  All RVs have problems on some level.  The problem is that I’ve owned pop ups that cost a third of the price and have been built much more solidly.  Is this the result of some sort of change in management during the build process?  Am I just extremely unlucky this time around?  Was there a company wide party involving lots of adult beverages during the day(s) mine was built?

Please help me to find some sort of resolution to this situation.  The camper is beautiful in many ways and is ALWAYS a conversation piece.  Unfortunately, the story I have to tell at this point starts with two numbers, 2016 (the model year) and 16 (repair count).  Tell me how we can find a better ending to this story.  You can reach me through the contact link on this page.
Screws Backing out of the exterior body


Cabinetry work that has little consideration for the travel environment