Pandora not working on Pioneer Receivers

If you have a Pioneer home theater receiver with built in support for Pandora and your receiver has been showing a “sever error” message when trying to stream music, you’re not alone.  Apparently there was a change in the Pandora API (meaning Pandora changed some of the programming code used to connect to their service by third parties).  This change broke A LOT of Pioneer receivers.  There is a thread on AVS forums here and the outcome is not good.  It looks like Pioneer is aware of the problem and from what many people are saying, Pioneer is simply ignoring the issue for anything older than a year.

If you are experiencing this issue and you don’t like buying a new Pioneer receiver every year, then I encourge you to contact Pioneer support.  Send them a tweet or email them here:   Let them know that abandoning customers is not a great way to get repeat business.

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